Converting A Steel Shed To A Comfortable Home? What To Consider Before Beginning Your Project

Creating a home using non-traditional building techniques and materials has become a popular route to home ownership in recent years. Storage sheds, tiny homes on wheels, and shipping containers are popular options for those who are looking for minimal square footage and freedom from high mortgage debt. Steel sheds are another option for this type of housing that is also growing in popularity, because these structures are able to provide more square footage and a comfortable home for less than the cost of a typical stick built house. [Read More]

Summer Roof Damage: How To You Keep Your Roof Together This Year?

The forecast for summer is hot and dry for some areas and wet and cool for others. If your region expects to experience heavy rain this year, protect your home's roof today. Rain, hail storms, and other strong weather conditions could damage your roof and everything attached to it. Keep your roof together this summer with the information below. Learn the Effects of Summer Thunderstorms Hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms aren't the only unpredictable weather conditions you should be aware of this summer. [Read More]

Getting Into The Roofing Business? Why You Should Use Prefabricated Roof Trusses

Deciding to become an independent roofer in the construction industry can be a smart move. You'll be getting involved in a career that is projected to grow faster than the average, so this lends you a sense of job security. Pair this with the fact that as long as there are buildings there will always be roofers, and you're almost guaranteed to gain clientele at a very consistent pace. As a roofer, you must decide which types of materials you will incorporate into every aspect of your work. [Read More]

4 Tips To Deal With And Prevent The Common Problems With A Crawl Space Basement

If you have a crawl space foundation, you want to be aware of possible problems. The problem is that crawl space problems often go unnoticed and become costly to repair. These issues can range from structural damage, erosion or water damage. Here are some tips to help deal with crawl space problems and the improvements to prevent them: 1. Drainage Problems That Can Cause Erosion and Structural Damage There are a lot of problems that can start with poor drainage. [Read More]