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3 Good Reasons to Have Your Custom Home Designed With Two Floors

If you are an older adult or someone who has trouble getting around, then certainly, you will want to have your custom home built on one floor. But if there's no reason you can't safely and easily go up and down stairs, then it's usually best to have your custom home built with two floors. Here's why.

1. Your roof and foundation will be smaller and less expensive.

One of the biggest determining factors in the overall cost is the size of the foundation. The bigger the hole your builders need to dig, and the more concrete they need to pour for your foundation, the more your custom home will cost. Roofing is also expensive, so the larger your roof, the more you will pay. This is true not only when you first have the home built, but every time you have the roof (or even the gutters) replaced in the future. It's a lot more costly to build a 2,000 square foot home on one story than a 2,000 square foot home with two stories simply because the two-story home has a smaller foundation and roof.

2. You'll have more privacy.

Most people want some privacy in their bedrooms and also in their main bathrooms. With a two-story home, the bedrooms and bathrooms are typically on the second floor. This makes them feel more private. You can spend time alone upstairs in the bedroom while friends and family members are gathered downstairs. You won't have to worry as much about guests wandering into your room or about the noise from the living room traveling into your bedroom where you're trying to have some peace.

3. You'll spend less on heating and cooling.

It is a lot easier to circulate heated (or cooled) air through a compact two-story home than a sprawled out single-story home of the same square footage. When having the home built, you will pay less for the HVAC installation, since your installer can create a simpler duct network. And once you are in the home, your heating and cooling bills will be lower since you won't lose as much heat along the length of your decks. The smaller roof means you lose less heat, too.

If you cannot go up and down stairs safely, then have a one-story home built. But for those who can handle stairs, building a home on two stories is almost always the better choice. You can learn more by contacting a custom home builder.