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Converting A Steel Shed To A Comfortable Home? What To Consider Before Beginning Your Project

Creating a home using non-traditional building techniques and materials has become a popular route to home ownership in recent years. Storage sheds, tiny homes on wheels, and shipping containers are popular options for those who are looking for minimal square footage and freedom from high mortgage debt. Steel sheds are another option for this type of housing that is also growing in popularity, because these structures are able to provide more square footage and a comfortable home for less than the cost of a typical stick built house.

If you have fallen for the clean lines and airy spaces that steel sheds can provide, here are three things you will need to consider before beginning your project. 

Is this type of housing allowed in the area where you want to build?

The very first consideration is to make sure that non-typical housing of this type is allowed on the property where you plan to construct it. Restrictions may exist in the wording of the deed or subdivision plat, as well as in city or state ordinances. 

Will code compliance be a problem? 

Adhering to building codes helps to ensure that any home construction project will provide safe, healthy homes. This is why it is important to work closely with your local codes department, especially during the planning stages of a non-typical home. Failing to understand and abide with all applicable residential building codes can result in failure to receive a final occupancy permit or, in severe cases, cause you to receive an order to demolish the structure. 

What will you need to do to insulate the property for comfort? 

Metal surfaces can make it much more difficult to properly insulate any structure, and the same is true for homes made from steel sheds. In addition to finding a way to attach insulation to the metal, builders must also deal with moisture from condensation, due to the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures. When this type of condensation occurs and gets trapped between the surface of the insulation and the metal, mold and moisture damage can occur that will have the potential for causing air quality issues later when the home is occupied. In many instances, spray foam insulation is chosen by contractors because of its ability to bond tightly to the metal surface and prevent condensation from forming. 

When considering steel shed construction for your housing project, it is important to work with a reputable steel shed construction service. These professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the potential problems and address them in a proactive manner. 

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