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Summer Roof Damage: How To You Keep Your Roof Together This Year?

The forecast for summer is hot and dry for some areas and wet and cool for others. If your region expects to experience heavy rain this year, protect your home's roof today. Rain, hail storms, and other strong weather conditions could damage your roof and everything attached to it. Keep your roof together this summer with the information below.

Learn the Effects of Summer Thunderstorms

Hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms aren't the only unpredictable weather conditions you should be aware of this summer. You should also be aware of regular thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can produce high winds, torrential rainfalls, and even powerful hail during the summer. Even small summer storms can inflict serious damage on your roof.

Hail, in particular, can be destructive and damaging to your roof. The frozen projectiles can reach up speeds of 90 miles per hour once they enter the atmosphere. If hail strikes the surface of your roof at high speeds, it can dent, warp, or even damage it. 

If your roof is already weak from age and previous exposure to bad weather, it might not survive this upcoming most unpredictable and powerful weather. If you fortify your roof now, you can help prevent serious damage in it later.

Fortify Your Roof Against Summer Thunderstorms

If you want to fortify your roof against hail and other unpredictable weather this summer, have a roofing contractor repair your roof. A contractor will generally check your roof for anything that will compromise its integrity, including missing, cupped, or curled shingles. Damaged shingles won't keep water out of your house or resist hail damage this summer.

If the substrate boards below your roof's shingles show signs of severe damage, a contractor may repair them. Rain and pests can pass the damaged substrate over time. If this happens, your entire home may be at risk for structural failure. A contractor can tell you more about substrate boards and why it's important to replace them this summer.

You can maintain a strong roof this summer by keeping its surface clean and free of obstructions. Pine needles, twigs, and other debris can damage the granules on your shingles. Also, have a roofer inspect your roof for hail damage during the year. A roofing contractor can provide more information about hail when you contact them.

Don't wait until hail and other bad weather damages the surface of your roof. Have your roof repaired by a contractor today. For more information, reach out to companies like