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3 Features To Look For In A Portable Welding System For Your Garage

Maybe you just have an occasional need to bond some metal parts or fix the occasional metal fixture around the house. Whatever it is that you need a welder for, as a regular consumer, sometimes the big machines just are not feasible. Thankfully, there are small and completely portable welding machines that make mending metal on the go an easy thing that does not require a lot of heavy equipment handling. If this is just what you need, there are a few good features to look for in a small portable welding system for your garage. 

Make sure the welder runs on standard power. 

The last thing you will want with a smaller welding system is to not have the proper power supply available when you need to weld. Some welders require hookup to a large-amp plugin and a breaker that feeds it enough power to operate. The smaller versions will typically rely on a basic electric cord plugged into a standard outlet, which makes it easy to take the welder wherever you need it and still use it. Larger varieties, of course, can be powered by everything from electricity to diesel. But when you are working with a portable model, there's no need for your power supply to be that complicated. 

Look for a welder that has an inner fan for cooling. 

When you are dealing with molten metal, it is only possible for the processes to be accomplished with extremely high heat. Therefore, the inside of a welder can get really hot when the equipment is in use, even if it is just a small portable system that is used for a little at a time. Make sure you find a welder that has an inner fan for cooling. Even though your welding tasks are small, an inner cooling system will protect the inner components from overheating and getting damaged. 

Check for multiple output ranges on the welder. 

You may only be tackling small welding tasks with thinner pieces of metal, but you will still need direct control over the output heating ranges of your welding system. There is no one-size-fits-all setting for every project, so having multiple output ranges gives you better control on how the welder reacts with certain metals. Some small varieties of welders are missing this feature, but these are not the type of welder that will serve you well in your garage. 

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