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Avoiding Clogs: Four Tips

Clogged pipes, anywhere in the house, can be both annoying and difficult to handle. Thinking about the drains and keeping them clear is the best way to avoid pipe clogs. Keep them clean with these four actions:

Think Before You Leave Things in the Sink

As part of normal sink use, dirty dishes, pans, and casserole dishes will find their way into the sink and their contents will find their way down the drain. If this happens, clogs are inevitable at one point or another. That's why you should do your best to clear off anything that will be sitting in the sink. Scrape any leftover foodstuffs into the trash and pour out oils into a glass container so that when you wash everything, you don't have to worry about sending something down the drain that you'll regret.

Get a Tub Drain Protector

Showers and baths can result in a lot of hair traveling into the tub drain. Hair is a common drainclogger, so you need to be conscious of that and use a tub drain protector. This kind of protector is typically made of plastic and is weighted to ensure it stays where it's supposed to. The hair will get caught there instead of in your pipes, so your drain will stay nice and clear.

Use Liquids for Laundry

You have a couple of choices when it comes to detergent for laundry items: liquid or powder. You may prefer powder for whatever reason, but be aware that many of those store-bought laundry detergent powders are also full of various anti-caking clays and materials. As a result, you could be lining your drain with materials that could pile up inside there and obstruct water flow. To be safe, just stick with liquids to clean your clothes.

Use Vinegar Mixed with Some Baking Soda

The pairing of baking soda and plain, white vinegar can be a regular task that encourages all your drains to stay clear. Mixing them together creates a foamy solution that both breaks down and dislodges minor clogs. Vinegar is acidic, and that can be great for attacking any organic materials lurking inside the pipes. Baking soda bubbles when mixed with vinegar, which could cause enough motion to dislodge anything that's stuck.

Keeping drains clear inside your home can ensure that you see fewer clogs during your time there. Discuss your drains with your plumber for more ideas and assistance with drain cleaning. Hop over to this web-site for more information.