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5 Important Things To Consider Before Renting A Crane For Your Construction Site

For many construction crews it makes a lot more sense to rent a crane for a specific construction project. While renting can work well for your site, it can also become a problem if you don't figure a few things out before you commit to the rental.

1. What Type of Crane Will You Need?

There's many types of cranes out there. And each type will have subcategories. For example, if you need a bridge crane, you will also need to know what classification of bridge crane you need. It will depend on what you need the crane to do, but other factors can affect which crane you can rent.

Your site may not have the space to accommodate a larger crane, even if that's the type you need. The rental company can help you figure out which type will work best for you if you're not sure.

2. Will You Need an Operator?

If you don't have a crane operator, you will need to rent from somewhere that can provide you one. Otherwise, you will need to temporarily hire an operator.

Usually, the operators provided by the rental service will come with the required licensing and safety training. If you have an operator of your own, make sure he or she knows how to operate the specific type of crane you plan to rent.

3. Is Your Site Ready for a Crane?

Cranes require space, and sometimes a lot of it. You need proper clearance for the crane to move around the site while still having the lifting capacity you require. They also need space for setup, teardown, and maybe even maintenance. In addition, they need clear access to the areas where you need them to work.

4. Do You Know If You Need Additional Permits?

You wouldn't want to rent a crane only to find out you're not allowed to use it for some reason or another. Make sure the municipality is okay with the type of crane you want, and the work you plan to put it to.

The rental company should know if you need anything as far as specific permits. They should also know what local regulations will apply to your crane rental.

5. Does Your Insurance Cover a Crane Rental? Does the Crane Rental Service Have Insurance?

Insurance plays an important role in renting a crane rental. Make sure you have coverage that can accommodate a loss due to a rented crane or operator. Equally, the rental company should also have full coverage for their own equipment.

Make sure you have a plan and everything in order before you commit to a rental. An experienced, local crane rental service can help you figure it all out before you sign a contract. Contact a company like Winslow Crane Service Co to learn more about your options.