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Benefits Of Tagging Along During Your Home Inspection

Upon finding a house that you're interested in buying, one of the necessary steps that you'll want to complete is arranging a home inspection by a licensed professional from a company like Young Home Inspections. If you're using a real estate agent for the purchase, he or she will customarily meet the inspector at the residence to spend some time ensuring that it passes inspection. As the prospective buyer, you're not obligated to attend the inspection; you'll get a report of the inspector's findings afterward and can use this information to help make your decision. However, it's generally advisable to tag along with the inspector throughout the process. Here are some benefits of doing so.

You Can Ask About The Severity Of Any Issues That Are Found

A key advantage of being present for the home inspection is that you can ask questions as the inspector makes his or her way through each home. When the inspector identifies issues within the home, you can immediately ask questions about them — for example, ask about how serious the issue is and how much it might cost to have rectified. Understanding the severity of each issue can help you evaluate whether you wish to buy the home.

You'll Learn A Lot About Home Upkeep

The ongoing conversation between your real estate agent and the home inspector can be educational. Throughout the inspection, these two professionals will note various issues in the home and discuss similar problems they've seen in the past, the amount of work needed to fix such issues, and whether each issue is something that you can fix on your own or something for which you need to hire a contractor. Just being present for the inspection and this ongoing conversation will inform you about various elements throughout the home, whether it's the insulation in the attic or the plumbing below the kitchen sink.

Extra Sets Of Eyes Never Hurt

Although you can count on your home inspector to meticulously look for issues around the home, having multiple sets of eyes dedicated to the job is never a bad thing. You'll find that your real estate agent will often point things out or ask for clarification from the inspector, and you can do the same. Home inspectors are usually happy to have prospective buyers attend the inspection and will welcome any input that you may have in catching potential problem areas — or, conversely, areas that seem perfect — throughout the home.