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The Perks Of Fiberglass Windows Frames

When it comes to choosing impact windows for your home, there are a plethora of variables to consider. Perhaps the most important issue is to choose the right material for your frames. The window frame material largely affect the operation, style and energy efficiency of the fixture. Most people choose a product that is easy to maintain, stylish and energy efficient at the same time. If this is what you were looking for, you should definitely consider fiberglass. This article explains why fiberglass is an ideal material for residential impact window frames.

Fiberglass is Low Maintenance

First of all, you will be glad to know that fiberglass is very easy to keep up. It is essentially waterproof because it has a powder coat finish that hardens the frame and makes it easy to clean. For the sake of ease, most people simply clean there fiberglass frame with the same window cleaner that they use to clean the glass. This makes day-to-day maintenance very simple and affordable. You don't need to worry about rust like you do with aluminum windows or warping due to water damage like you do with wooden windows. Basically, since fiberglass is waterproof, you will waste less time and money on maintenance, both in the long and short term.

Fiberglass is Unique

When some customers think of fiberglass, they mistakenly think that is just white, shiny and kind of looks like plastic.  While window frames do seem to be the most popular in residential construction, fiberglass can actually be ordered in any color imaginable. Whether you order a factory color from a catalog, or have a custom color matched to coordinate with your existing schemes, it is easy to find the right color for your home. Furthermore, fiberglass can be finished with varying sheens. For instance, a matter finish that is a little less shiny and has a very slight texture will look warmer than a shinier frame. The slight texture also makes the frame easier to clean because dirt will not bond with it.

Since fiberglass is stylish and easy to maintain at the same time, it is a popular option for home owners and builders. It costs similar to products like vinyl and aluminum, but the real money saving comes with the easy maintenance and improved energy efficiency. No matter what your reason is for choosing fiberglass impact windows, you will be happy that you invested in such a durable product. Call a contractor, like Gulf Coast Builders Inc, for more help.