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Clean Air, Scented Air, Cool Air: Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips That Change The Way You Smell And Breathe

Most tips for air conditioning maintenance all say the same things about cleaning this and checking that. This is not one of those articles. Instead this gives you more unique tips so that the cooled air that enters your home does more to help you breathe and make your home smell better while making it feel better.

Cleaning the Air

Along with running a dust cloth along the entire exterior cabinet of your air conditioner's condenser, you can do more to clean the air entering your home. There are some special filters now that will remove allergens from the air that circulates into the condenser just prior to it being cooled. If you want to clean your air twice and remove a lot of the allergens that could cause breathing problems, you can place the filters in the condenser and buy specialty filters just for your furnace. Because the AC uses the forced air feature on your furnace, the air that comes in from outside is forced through another filter in the furnace before channeling its way up into your house. With both types of filters in place, you should have even less in the air that could affect your indoor/outdoor allergies and asthma.

Scenting the Air

If you are not bothered by perfumes, then you can also scent the air coming from your AC. The easiest way to do this is to plant very fragrant flowers or a flowering bush, such as honeysuckle or lilacs, near the condenser. As the condenser exchanges and transforms hot air for cold, it will draw on the perfumed breezes wafting off of the flowers/bush. If you also have allergies to flowers, then you can try the second method, which involves removing the condenser's box and installing stick-on air fresheners inside the box before reattaching it. The scents from the stick-on air fresheners will circulate through the AC system and then through your whole house, leaving it smell nice without causing allergic reactions.

Disinfecting the Air

When you spend a lot of time indoors, germs accumulate and make you sick. Those summer colds you seem to get every year? That is dirty air in your home, combined with germy air in circulation through your AC system. If you use a commercial disinfectant to clean the entire condenser box outside, you kill some of those germs that are coming and going, which would then reduce the frequency of illnesses in the warmer months when you just should not be getting sick.

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