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4 Waterproofing And Drainage Improvements That Will Protect Your Foundation

Problems with your foundation can be caused by many different issues. The foundation damage can be due to failed waterproofing and poor drainage. Addressing issues with water around your home can save you money on foundation and structural repairs to your home. If you want to avoid costly repairs, here are some waterproofing and drainage solutions that you may want to consider for your home:

1. Interior Drainage Systems And Improvements

There are many different ways that water can get into the basement of your home. This can sometimes be due to problems like condensation that you can do little about. Installing a foundation drainage system in the interior of your home can help deal with these problems. You may also want to consider other improvements, like waterproofing for interior walls.

2. Updating Grading And Landscaping Designs For Improved Drainage

There may also be the need to address issues with poor drainage around your home. Runoff that flows towards your home can cause erosion and settling. To repair this problem, underpinning can be done to support the settling foundation. You will also want to correct the issue of drainage with improvements to grading that help prevent erosion problems.

3. Addressing Issues With Roof Runoff By Installing And Updating Gutter Systems

Runoff from the roof of your home can also contribute to some of the problems with your foundation. If you do not have gutters installed, you may want to consider installing them to help protect your foundation. If you have gutters, they can be updated with drain lines for the downspouts that will help divert the water away from your foundation.

4. Add Drywells And Drainage Systems To Deal With Excess Water Runoff In Landscaping

In addition to many other improvements, you may want to consider dry wells and drainage beds to give excess water a place to go. The dry wells can be disguised as part of your landscaping design by using different shapes and landscaping rocks for the top layer of the well. It can also be a good place to locate plants that need a lot of water. You may want to consider leaving plants in pots in dry well areas.

If you want to keep your home safe from foundation damage, these are some repairs that you may want to have done. You can contact a foundation replacement and repair service to help you with the repairs and upgrades to help keep your home safe from water damage.