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Using Environmentally Friendly Practices Around Your Golf Course

If you manage a golf course, you know the importance in keep your grounds trimmed for the players who use it to play their games. If you are environmentally conscious, you can take some steps in the way you maintain your golf course to help leave less of a carbon footprint in the process. Here are some "green" practices you can use when doing routine landscaping to your golf course, helping to keep the earth cleaner as a result.

Consider Propane Powered Lawn Equipment

The equipment you use to keep your golf course trimmed can leave a lot of emissions behind if you use gas to power them. Consider purchasing propane powered lawn equipment so less greenhouse gas emissions are let out into the air while you trim your golf course. Propane is a non-toxic material that will not contaminate your grounds in any way. It is becoming a preferred choice by landscapers and property owners alike because of this reduction in harmful pollutants. You will be able to use your lawnmowers and weed trimmers daily as there is less risk to the oxygen, soil, and water on your property.

Maintain The Ecosystem With Non-Threatened Areas

To help keep any wildlife from leaving your golf course, set up designated areas along the sides of your fairways where birds can roost, fish can swim, and small critters can burrow or climb trees without being bothered by those playing golf. It is a good idea to place fencing along perimeters in areas where wildlife is highly populated so people do not walk into the area, upsetting their way of life.

Set up walkways near streams so golfers can quickly grab a golf ball that ended up in the water easily instead of leaving it behind to disrupt any water creatures living inside. Set up birdhouses in spots where an abundance of feathered creatures congregate. This will give them a safe place to live, protecting them from any golf balls which fly their way.

Use A Pest Control Management Strategy To Minimize Chemical Usage

Golf courses usually require the use of pest control products to keep their lawns lush throughout the playing season. If a pest invasion is present throughout the grounds, some portions will need to be blocked off for treatment. When considering pest control products, make a plan to use the least amount possible to help keep your soil from excessive contamination. It is always best to use non-chemical means first. For example, try scaring away gophers with brightly colored golf markers or with mirrors attached to benches throughout the golf course. 

Keep all pesticide chemicals locked up in a shed. When utilizing a pest control substance, place it in a sprayer or spreader inside the shed instead of out in the open where it can disperse into areas where it is not needed.

Contact a lawn care equipment company, like Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc. or another location, for more ideas and help.