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Do You Need To Seal Your Concrete Or Asphalt Driveway?

In the United States, approximately 90 percent of driveways are either concrete or asphalt, which, over time, can crack or fade. Applying a chemical sealcoat to your driveway helps it retain its color, and protects it from elements, such as rain and snow, that cause driveways to crack over time. However, sealcoating a driveway is a huge project. So, before you attempt to complete the process on your own, take the time to learn more about when you should sealcoat your driveway, and why you should hire a professional to complete the job.

How Often Should You Reseal Your Driveway?

If you live in a climate that is prone to harsh winter weather, you should reseal your driveway every two to three years to help prevent cracks. Between applications, you should refrain from melting snow or ice with salt, because salt deteriorates the surface, allowing water to seep through pores in your driveway.

If you live in a milder climate, you should reseal your driveway approximately every four years. Because driveways in milder climates don't go through several freeze-thaw cycles, the sealant lasts longer.

When is The Best Time to Seal Your Driveway?

Spring and fall are the best times of the year to have your driveway resealed, because the weather is mild and it's not too cold. The driveway temperature needs to be warm enough for the sealant to bond to the driveway. Ideally, the temperature should be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit before you attempt to sealcoat your driveway.

Why It's Important to Hire a Driveway Contractor to Reseal Your Driveway

While you can purchase sealant and reseal your driveway on your own, you don't have the experience of a professional driveway contractor. Before you seal your driveway, cracks and/or damage needs to be repaired, and a professional will know how to fix the driveway properly. Also, if you make a mistake, and the sealant isn't applied properly, your driveway isn't getting as much protection. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on sealant and supplies; and spend a lot of time on the project only to discover your driveway isn't properly protected.

Driveways are expensive to replace, so you need to do as much as you can to maintain and protect your driveway so that it lasts a long time. Sealing your concrete or asphalt driveway is a great way to protect it from outside elements and preserve its color. For more information, contact companies like ASAP Asphalt Sealing & Paving Co.