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Four Less Obvious Places In Your Home Where You Should Consider Using Hardwood Flooring

Whether you're building new construction, doing a major renovation, or simply upgrading your home, flooring is always a major choice. While hardwood may be a no-brainer in the living room or dining room, there are actually many other areas of the house where you should consider using it. Read on to learn where and why.

Laundry Room

Many people are squeamish about putting hardwood in a laundry room, and yet they use it without a thought in their kitchens. However, kitchens actually take more wear and tear and have more appliances and fixtures that can possibly leak than laundry rooms.

While carpet is obviously a poor choice for a laundry area, tile with grout can be hard to maintain, and marble is costly to install and repair. Vinyl is a pragmatic choice, but may not add as much value to your home as hardwood. Laminate is water resistant on the surface, but the subflooring required can warp and rot with water leakage, and you may never know it until the floor is ruined.

Hardwood is a breeze to keep clean in a laundry room, and easy to protect with a few items. Invest in a washer pan to put underneath your clothes washer to catch any drips. Also, if your laundry room doubles as an entrance or mudroom, be sure to use absorbent mats at the doorways, and encourage your family to remove their shoes on entering.

Family Rooms and Pet Areas

Many people have carpeting in their family rooms or great rooms, which are also the areas where your pets are mostly likely to hang out with you. The problem with this is that carpet holds pet hair, which makes it a chore to clean, and it collects pet dander, which attracts dust mites. If your pet ever gets fleas, carpeting may facilitate an infestation, and carpeting holds odors too.

Hardwood is a great choice for family rooms, and you can select a wood that is harder to thwart scratches from little paws. Many Brazilian woods, like walnut, ebony, rosewood, and teak, are good options here, as is bamboo, which is harder than oak or pine.


While carpeting on staircases is popular because it muffles noise, it can present some other undesirable consequences. If it's not meticulously maintained, carpet can become a tripping and falling hazard. In such a high-traffic area of the home, carpet is also subject to wearing out frequently and to accumulating stains. It's difficult to keep clean too, as vacuuming around balustrades can be next to impossible.

Hardwood looks great on staircases, and long term, it will likely be less costly than constantly having your carpeting professionally cleaned or replaced. If you like the color options that come with carpet, consider painting your stair risers instead.

Walk-in Closets

Carpeting in the bedroom makes sense as that's typically a barefoot area of the home, and it's warm in winter. However, extending your carpeting into your walk-in closets can be a mistake.

Carpeted closets are another place for dust mites to congregate, due to the high amounts of human hair and dander that wind up there. Carpeting is also attractive to nesting insects that can ruin clothing. Hardwood is therefore an ideal choice for your closets, and if you need a bit of warmth underfoot, add a throw rug that can be shaken and cleaned periodically to eliminate the aforementioned pests.

You have a wide variety of colors to choose from in hardwood floors today. If you are concerned about your hardwood floors showing dust, a legitimate concern in some homes, simply select a light-to-medium hued wood or keep a floor sweeper handy with disposable or machine washable dust cloths. You'll likely find the advantages of hardwood flooring far outweigh any minor inconveniences its light maintenance entails.

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