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How To Secure Your Company's Sliding Doors When You Close For The Night

As a business owner, you probably love having sliding glass doors in your business. Sliding glass doors can be very convenient and inviting for your customers, but you might worry that they are also convenient and inviting for potential thieves after you lock your doors for the night.

Your fear of your company being broken into shouldn't cause you to rethink your sliding doors, however. Instead, follow these tips to help keep your sliding doors secure.

Choose the Right Door

First of all, you should make sure that you purchase the right sliding door. Make sure that your door is made of strong, durable glass that is not too easy to break. Also, keep your doors in good condition and have necessary repairs done so that it isn't too easy to pry them apart. If your sliding doors are old and outdated, it might be time to replace them with newer and more secure models.

Install a Security Bar

Consider installing a security bar that can be pulled across your sliding glass doors when you close up shop for the night. A security bar will stretch across the two doors and will make it much more difficult to pry them open.

Consider a Security Grill

Another option is to install a security grill. Basically, a security grill is similar to a piece of fencing but is made from iron or another strong metal. The security grill can be pulled down from above or stretched horizontally in front of your sliding glass doors when you close your business for the night. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to get into your business because even if they are able to pry open the doors or break the glass, it will be much harder for them to climb in.

Focus on Other Security Measures

Following other basic security measures, such as installing ample lighting around the exterior perimeter of your business, installing a burglar alarm system that has sensors near your sliding glass door and positioning cameras so that they are pointing at your sliding glass doors can all be affordable and smart options to help deter and catch thieves.

As you can see, there are actually a few different steps that you can take to prevent your sliding doors from being a security hazard. If you want to keep your business safe from break-ins, following these three tips is a smart idea.