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Tricks For Painting Beautiful Baseboards

Neatly painted baseboards can help make your interior painting job look professionally executed, while poorly painted baseboards can make your entire room look slipshod and messy. Knowing how to paint your baseboards properly is an important part of doing your own interior painting

Lay Tarps

Tape plastic tarps to the floor beneath the baseboards. In rooms with carpet, line the carpet where it meets the baseboard with painter's tape, then use  a putty knife to tuck the tape under the baseboard. Then, lay plastic tarp down over the tape and secure the tarp to the floor with a second layer of tape.  

Clean the Baseboards

Presence of dirt can cause adhesion problems when you start applying paint to the baseboards. To avoid issues, use a damp rag to clean the baseboards. Remove any spider webs, dirt or dust.

Fill in the Holes

Baseboards are frequently stepped on by people and hit by furniture. Nails, staples, scratches, dents and nicks are common cosmetic problems in baseboards. Before you can appropriately paint your baseboards, you'll first need to fill the holes and create a smooth surface. Use painter's putty to fill the holes. Once the putty is dry, wipe or sand the putty down with a rag or sandpaper. 

Start Painting

Put an appropriate amount of paint on your paintbrush by dipping it into the paint can, then slapping the sides of the paintbrush against the edges of the can. When the paintbrush is wet but not dripping, start painting the baseboards. The tarp will protect the floor, but the wall itself will also need protection. Position a metal paint shield along the top edge of the baseboard, and use the shield to protect the wall. As you move down the baseboard, move the paint shield.

You'll need to wipe off the paint shield from time to time. Keep a rag with you to wipe away the excess paint from the shield. Alternatively, if the shield isn't very dirty and you're wearing paint clothes, you can wipe off the shield on the leg of your pants. 

Put two coats of paint around the baseboard to ensure even, adequate coverage. Pulling up the tarp early can result in a ragged edge, so wait for the paint to dry fully before pulling up the tarp. 

Take your time when painting baseboards to ensure that they look neat and tidy. Following these tips, your baseboards can have a professional quality paint job.