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Planting A Long-Lasting Garden

Gardens give a lot of enjoyment, so you want them to last year-round. Of course, many gardens look good for only a few short months before it's time for you to put them to bed for the winter. Below is a guide to designing a garden with plants and flowers that look attractive from spring until fall – and even into the winter months.

Start with Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees look good in every season. They bloom in the spring, display beautiful foliage in the summer and go out with a blaze of glory in the fall. Many ornamental trees offer fruit in the autumn that can be left on the branches for winter décor. Japanese maples are a showy option, though crab apple trees offer spring blooms and autumn fruit.

Plant Tall Perennials

Landscape design typically has taller plants in the back or center, depending on the location of your garden. Tall flowers are an attractive option for filling in the space under your ornamental tree or as the backbone of your garden. Russian sage is a hardy plant that blooms with tiny purple flowers from spring to fall. Hydrangea is a bush-like plant that can grow as tall as six feet with either mophead or lacecap flower heads. Mopheads resemble actual mops, while lace caps produce flat flower heads. Both plants look attractive well into the cooler months.

Include Colorful Flowers

After you have the backbone and structure with a tree and tall perennials, it's time to have fun with some colorful flowers. According to Better Homes and Gardens, the following flowers are some of the best perennials for your garden:

  • Blanket flower
  • Asters
  • Siberian iris
  • Pincushion flower
  • Daylily

Other good options include lavender, penstemon, coneflower and yarrow. When selecting your flowers, try to get a good mix of colors and textures. For instance, blanket flower offers daisy-like golden flowers that make an attractive foil to Russian sage. Lavender, on the other hand, looks similar to sage so might be more appropriate placed by a hydrangea instead.

Add Ornamental Grasses

Adding ornamental grasses to your design gives your garden textural interest. Ornamental grasses are also plants that can look good year-round because of their shape. Consider the following ornamental grasses for your long-lasting garden:

  • Silvergrass: Feathery silver stalks that grow as tall as six feet.
  • Blue fescue: Icy blue grass that grows up to 12 inches tall and wide.
  • Fountain Grass: This graceful spray of fuzzy foliage grows as tall as eight feet.

Intersperse your ornamental grasses among the flowers. They also look very attractive bookending a long garden.

Talk to a local landscaper like Cottonwood Landscapes LLC about the best perennials for your garden. Then, arrange your selection of plants and flowers to plan the layout of your long-lasting garden.