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Having A Tile Floor Installed? Use The Extra Tile For A Mirror Frame

If you're like most people, you have extra ceramic tiles when your new floor is put in. Not only do you have extra tile pieces, there are also scrap tiles the contractor cuts off so that they can create perfect corners and edges on your floor. While workers install your tile floor, you can use those extra pieces they can't use, or the whole ones they don't need to create a beautiful frame for a mirror. Use this guide to walk you through the process.

Step 1: Grab the Needed Tools and Supplies

You'll need more than just the extra tiles and scraps to complete this job. Gather these items before you begin:

  • hammer
  • old duffle bag
  • gardening gloves
  • coarse-grit sandpaper
  • window cleaner
  • paper towels
  • construction adhesive

Step 2: Break Up the Tile

Place the extra tile pieces in the old duffle bag and close it up. Take the bag to your driveway or other hard surface and begin hitting the bag with the hammer.

Put on your gloves and open the duffle bag. Pick up the pieces and sort out the shapes and sizes you want.

Repeat this step as necessary until you have the desired shapes and amount of smaller broken tiles you need.

Step 3: Create the Frame Design

Pick the exact piece you need for your frame by arranging the pieces around the mirror.

After you have determined which pieces work well, grab the coarse-grit sandpaper and sand the sharp or rough edges down.

Double check the design and rework it with more pieces as needed.

Step 4: Clean the Mirror

Move the tile pieces to the side and clean the mirror with the window cleaner and paper towels. As you're setting aside the pieces, try to keep them in the same order, so you can remember where you want them to go.

Step 5: Glue the Design on the Mirror

Dab a little construction glue on one of the broken tiles and place it on the edge of the mirror. Hold it for a few seconds with your fingers. Repeat this all the way around the mirror.

Expect to spend a couple of hours on this project. Once the tiles have a solid connection to the mirror, you'll be able to hang it on your wall or display it elsewhere, such as a mantle or entertainment center. Ask your flooring expert for other ideas on using extra tile or scrap pieces.