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Remove Clogs From You Window Unit's Condensate Line

If water is accumulating under your window air conditioning unit, there is a good chance that the condensate line is clogged. Some basic cleaning steps will resolve the problem. 

Use The Following Materials

  • bleach
  • water
  • plastic sheeting
  • tube cleaning brush
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • face mask 
  • rubber gloves
  • water hose
  • duct tape
  • flashlight

Add Bleach To The Line

Turn off the air conditioning unit at the breaker box. Locate the end of the condensate pipe outdoors. Cover foliage that is under and around the pipe with plastic sheeting. Go back in your home and locate the opening of the condensate line.

Remove the access cap that is covering it. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and face mask to protect your skin from the bleach and to avoid breathing in harmful fumes.

Pour a cup of bleach through the line. The bleach will kill germs and will help remove clogs that are inside the pipe. Insert a tube cleaning brush inside of the condensate line. This tool will fit far inside the pipe and help loosen any materials that are stuck inside. Pour a couple cups of water though the pipe to rinse the bleach.

Empty The Pan And Vacuum Out The Line

Pull out the condensate pan that is located underneath the condenser coil. If it is filled with water, empty it outdoors. Use a water hose to rinse out the pan. Locate the end of the condensate line. Attach the hose on a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to it with duct tape. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and suck up any water or debris that is in the line. It will only take a minute or two to complete this step.

Remove the hose and shine a flashlight into the condensate line. If you see any debris that is stuck, insert the tube cleaning brush into the line to loosen it. Once the line appears to be empty, place it back in the proper spot and remove the plastic sheeting that is on the ground.

Replace The Pan And Turn On The Unit

Replace the condensate pan. Turn the power back on to the air conditioning unit and adjust the thermostat. Your air conditioner will blow cold air and moisture will travel through the condensate pipe. Water will no longer back up and accumulate on the floor. Check the line periodically to make sure that it isn't clogged. Empty the condensate pan when you notice it becoming full. Taking these steps will prevent future problems.

To learn more, contact a company such as Certified Appliance with any questions or concerns you have.