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The Five Things That Determine The Price Of Hardwood Flooring Installation

Many homeowners consider the installation of hardwood flooring for their homes because of its appeal. Hardwood flooring not only looks great, but it definitely increases the value of your home, which is a huge plus if you plan on selling in the near future.

However, the number one concern before installing hardwood flooring is the price. You may be wondering what the exact cost is going to be, and that can be difficult to determine since there are many factors. Here are the five things that are going to help determine the cost of your hardwood flooring:

1. How it's Installed: When you are looking at the price per square foot of the hardwood flooring style that you like, that price is only based on the actual material, not how the material is installed. There are typically two choices that you have for installation, which would be nailed or stapled installation. Either installation method chosen will cost about the same and is typically calculated into labor costs. 

2. Floating Floors: If you want the hardwood flooring to be installed as floating floors, the cost is going to go up. This is because an underlayment will be required in order to provide cushioning. Since there are different foam underlayments you can choose from, the price can vary significantly. For example, the thinner the foam, then the less you are going to pay. 

3. Glued Installation: If you want to have the hardwood flooring glued directly to concrete, then the cost is also going to rise. This is because there is going to be an extra amount of labor done for the gluing, which makes labor costs increase. 

4. Molding: Typically, when a homeowner installs new flooring in their home, they also want to include molding. When you have the professionals install the flooring, they will usually include molding to be done at the same time. The higher you want the molding to be and the more intricate in detail, then the more you are going to pay. If you choose the most standard molding option offered by the professionals, then you are going to be paying less. 

5. Labor: The cost for labor is going to vary from company to company, which is why it is important that you compare prices. However, you must also remember that labor costs can be increased depending on how you want the flooring installed and how much flooring you are adding into your home.

Once you have an idea about how much each of these different things are going to cost you, you are going to have a better idea of exactly how much hardwood flooring installation is going to cost you in total. 

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