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2 Reasons To Let The Pros Handle Double Pane Window Repairs

Replacing or repairing a double pane window might seem like a fairly straightforward task to the do-it-yourselfer, but in reality there are a number of reasons it is best to let a professional handle the job. This article outlines the two biggest reasons you should leave these kinds of repairs to the professionals.

1. Properly Removing The Sashes 

Double pane windows are manufactured in a variety of ways, and removing the sash is the first step in the repair process. Unfortunately, if you mistake double hung windows with casement windows, you could spend hours trying to remove sashes incorrectly. 

Double hung windows require that you first depress the jamb liners on either side of the window and then twist the sash to release it from the counterweighted springs. 

Casement windows are hinged on a single side and are designed with release catches to remove the sashes. But the release catches don't always work properly and you may need to unscrew the swing arms to get at the sash (something you probably wouldn't know unless you'd done it before).

Finally, slider windows can normally be removed without concerning yourself with the sashes, but the uninitiated may not know what kind of window he or she is dealing with. Ultimately, this is one the most important steps in the repair process, and doing it incorrectly can damage the entire window assembly. 

2. Dealing With Gasket, Tape & Other Seals

Some double pane windows are wrapped in a single piece gasket that encompasses the entire piece of glass. Of course before it can be removed, the sashes must have been correctly removed first. 

Other times, windows may be secured with a type of adhesive seal that needs to be scraped away from the perimeter of the glass. Sometimes a heat gun set on low can help release the glass from the adhesive and the frame.

If you're working with a window that is sealed with caulk, its removal may require more time and specific tools, not to mention steady hands to avoid damaging the other parts of the window assembly. One of the most tedious aspects of dealing with caulked-in windows is that you often break the wood stops that hold them in place. What amateurs won't know, however, is that even the pros do this occasionally and just save the broken pieces to use later (finding replacements is nigh impossible). 

Overall, there are simply too many scenarios that can arise where mistakes during the removal or repair process will cause irreversible and expensive damages to these kinds of windows. So when it comes to repairs on double pane windows, just let the pros do their job. Not only will it likely save you money in the long run, but you can rest assured knowing that the repair job was executed correctly.

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