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Stamped Asphalt Surfacing for Your Property

Are you looking to improve the first impression that someone gets of your home upon pulling up to your property? One way some homeowners go about this is to get a fancy stone driveway or walkway installed instead of just regular old asphalt. But before you go spending a ton of money on a fancy design like that, stop and consider if a stamped asphalt job would be better for your budget. A contractor that specializes in stamped asphalt can lay down a unique design on top of your existing asphalt driveway or walkway to make it stand out. Here are just three reasons why this option might be right for you.

A Mere Fraction of the Cost

A new driveway installation of a material like stone or pebble can be quite expensive. Also consider the fact that you will also have to pay for the contractor to dig up your old asphalt driveway and haul it away before work on the new driveway can even begin. This is why a stamped asphalt design can save you so much money. Your existing asphalt is left as is, no one has to spend any time or money removing any of it. All that is usually required is a reheating of just the area that will be stamped. Then, of course, the amount of materials you are actually stamping into the asphalt will be considerably less than if you were attempting to cover the entire area.

Quick Installation

The exact amount of time a stamped asphalt project will take can vary widely, but if you have a standard size home, most of these projects can be tackled in just a day if you have the right contractor. Contrast this with the prospect of having to park your cars out on the street all week while contractors work on digging up your old asphalt driveway and then laying down a brand new layer.

Long Term Durability 

Stamped asphalt coatings tend to hold up much longer over time than asphalt alone. This can save you costs going forward when the time comes to repave your remaining asphalt every summer. Even when your asphalt driveway does start to develop a few small cracks, they won't be as immediately obvious because most people's eyes will be drawn to the beautiful stamped asphalt instead.

Stamped asphalt is a great way to elevate the overall look of your driveway or walkway for a fraction of the cost of laying down a brand new layer of stone across your property. Installation is often quick and easy, and stamped asphalt also tends to be more durable than asphalt alone.