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How Your Demolition Services Can Teach Other Industries New Things

As a demolition contractor, your business is pretty straightforward. You blow things up and tear them down. When somebody contracts you and your team to remove a building, that is what you do. However, there are many other uses for your talents. If you are not sure what other jobs you could take on as a demolitions contractor, check out the following:

Demolition and Other Industries

Firefighters learn by doing. Explosions often create fires, and firefighters are the first on the scene to put out those fires. If you have never considered teaming up with your local fire station or technical college to help train firefighters, you should.

A couple of other industries that can learn from your demolition services are:

  • cinematic special effects crews and stunt doubles
  • controlled lab research and explosives departments
  • structural engineers and architects
  • geologists and seismologists

There is always something you can teach and share with the above groups, as well as specific things these groups want to learn about demolition and its application to their chosen professions.

What You Can Teach These Professional Groups

You are now wondering how you could teach any of these professionals anything with the skill set you and your crew has. The truth is, you can do and share your knowledge of demolition with these professionals in all of the following ways:

  • Special effects producers learn how to make explosions look as real as possible. Stunt doubles learn which way they can move to avoid injury during a scene that involves an explosion.
  • Lab research scientists want to know what kind of effect an explosion has on the materials they are working with and whether or not a chain reaction explosion is possible if an explosion begins in one part of the lab.
  • Structural engineers and architects are always interested in finding out if the buildings they create can withstand powerful forces under extenuating circumstances. They would hire you to test out the strength of test samples and structures to see if an entire building could survive bombings, gunfire, car crashes, or anything else destructive.
  • Geologists and seismologists will ask you to perform explosions to see how they affect earthquake and tectonic plate activity.

What You Gain from Sharing Your Knowledge

You learn more about what others do. You get to see real time data collection from scientific fields and see how explosives and demolition affects research, design and development stages. On top of a broadened scope of the world, you also make a nice extra paycheck on the side.

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