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New Green Window Pane Options For When You're Looking To Replace Yours

If you're looking for a replacement window due to damaging your old ones, it's the perfect time to look at some new green window technologies. There are quite a few creative possibilities out there for those interested in energy efficiency and maximizing how they interact with natural resources.

Window Kitchen Farms

If you had smaller or tinted windows before, going for a replacement window that lets in maximum light is a perfect approach to combine with new window kitchen farms. Since you have a lot of sunlight hitting your house on any particular day anyway, it makes sense to make use of it as much as possible.

One way to do this is with window farming. Once you get the kit, this is largely a do-it-yourself endeavor where you hang bottles with seeds in them all in front of a tall enough window in order to grow just about anything you want indoors. You could even use some of the grown food yourself to live off.

Urban farming is a major trend throughout the world for a reason.

Heat Resistant Windows

Keeping your house cool during the summer isn't just about using air conditioning. There are special window panes you can install that can help with this as well.

These special windows are available for both vehicles and houses, and they can block heat and ultraviolet rays from going into your house without actually affecting the window a dark tint. Depending on the window, it can let between 40 and 70 percent of the natural light inside, while blocking all but around 3 percent of the infrared light, and all but 0.1 percent of UV rays.

The windows also often block a little more than half of the heat coming into the house via sunlight through the window as well. This can greatly reduce how much your house heats up in the first place, so you're going to inevitably save a considerable amount of the energy it takes to cool the house back down again.

This technology can also be combined with window solar panel technology to make sure that more of that blocked energy is used alternatively.

Additionally, this type of window can also really cut down on how much glare you have to deal with when you're trying to look at computer screens or televisions as a bonus.

Overall, it just makes good sense to take advantage of current technologies in order to reduce energy waste as much as possible. To learn more, contact a company like Distinctive Siding & Window with any questions you have.