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Water Heater: What Should Be Done To Keep It Functioning Safely In Your Home

When you have a water heater, it is vital for there to be air around it so it can have access to plenty of oxygen. The reason oxygen is important to the water heater is due to the pilot flame needing it to complete combustion when you are heating up your home. Find out what needs to be done to keep your water heater functional in a safe manner and when a specialist should be called to inspect it.

What Should be Done to Keep a Water Heater Functioning Safely?

There must be a vent located in the closet of room your water heater is in to allow air circulation if you want it to function safely. If there is no oxygen from air making contact with the pilot flame, combustion will not complete and carbon monoxide will be created. Complete combustion happens when the flame produces carbon dioxide, which is how the water heater is able to produce heat when you use the heating system to warm up your home.

Your water heater must also have a functional combustion chamber for safety. What a combustion chamber does is prevent carbon monoxide produced from incomplete combustion from lingering inside of your house. The chamber has a blower on it that forces carbon monoxide away from your home after it travels through it. A combustion chamber can become damaged from normal wear and tear by developing cracks, or it can get dirty from not being cleaned on occasion.

What Should a Specialist be Called to Inspect a Water Heater?

When you notice that your heating system is not producing heat, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the pilot flame of the water heater. You should immediately call for a specialist to inspect the water heater to make sure the flame is completing combustion. There may be dirt clogging up the pilot and preventing it from doing its job. It is actually a good idea to get a complete inspection of your heating and cooling system done in case other repairs are needed.

The water heater is the most important part of your HVAC system when it comes to the heating aspect of it. Don't allow problems with the pilot to get out of control because a carbon monoxide leak from incomplete combustion can be fatal for you and your loved ones. Contact an HVAC expert like one from DCS Inc. to make prompt repairs so your water heater will remain safe!