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Get A New Vinyl Fence? Here's How To Keep It Looking Like New

One of the great things about having a vinyl fence is that it looks great for many years without showing signs of rot or damage from the weather. While your fence requires very little maintenance, you still need to clean it occasionally to keep it looking like new. Rain splashes dirt on your fence, the lawnmower throws grass against it, and it picks up dust and pollution from the atmosphere. Your fence will start to look dirty if you don't give it a quick annual cleaning. Here's what you should do:

Wash The Fence

Wash the fence using water pressure. You can use a garden hose with the spray nozzle attached, or you can use a pressure washer. Don't use the high setting, as that might damage the fence. Keep the pressure on low or medium, so it is strong enough to knock off dirt while not harming the fence. Once you've hosed off the fence, you can see what type of dirt and stains remain that need closer attention.

Use Soap And Bleach

If you use a pressure washer or if you have an attachment for your garden hose, you should add soap and bleach to the container so you can wash the fence with a cleaning solution to break up stubborn stains and dirt. Spray along the bottom of the fence using long strokes and work your way to the top. This helps prevent soap streaks.

When you rinse the soapy solution off, rinse from the top to the bottom. Only work in small sections, so the soap doesn't have time to dry before you can rinse it, or it will leave soap scum behind. However, if you're using a bleach solution, you want the bleach to stay on the fence as long as possible before you rinse it off, so it has a chance to fade the stains. Therefore the goal is to allow your cleaning solution to stay on the fence for a few minutes, but not long enough to dry.

Use A Brush

For small scuff marks and other tough stains, you can use a brush with soft bristles or a plastic scrubber. Avoid using steel wool, as it can scratch the vinyl. If long sections of your fence are dirty, consider buying a long-handled brush attachment intended to wash cars. These have soft bristles, and they attach to a hose or power washer. The soapy solution flows through the brush so you have a steady supply of soapy water while you scrub.

It's a good idea to clean your fence every spring. That way it will look its best during the outdoor season when you'll be spending more time in your yard. By cleaning your fence annually, you'll prevent dirt buildup too, so the job won't require as much elbow grease as it will if you wait longer. Contact a company like City Wide Fence Co for more vinyl fence care tips.